Acrylic display case for Lego® Bad Batch Mini figures

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Introducing the Bad Batch Mini Figure Display Case, a sleek and secure showcase for your prized Lego Bad Batch Mini figures! Crafted from high quality, 3/16 thick crystal-clear acrylic using a precision dovetail design, this approximately 9.4 x 2.4 x 3.2 inches case offers a perfect 360-degree view, keeping your collectibles safe from dust and damage.

What makes this display case truly exceptional is the inclusion of authentic Lego studs for all 5 Bad Batch figures and their helmets, ensuring they are securely displayed in all their glory. But that's not all – we've also reserved a special spot for Gonk and Omega, the beloved additions to the team, completing the ensemble and making this display case a comprehensive showcase for the entire Bad Batch squad.

Celebrate the distinct personalities of the Bad Batch team with its thoughtfully arranged display, designed to elevate your collection to new heights. And that's not all - the Bad Batch Mini Figure Display Case comes in three different options to suit your style: a sleek black base with a black background for a bold and classic look, a pristine white base with a white background for an elegant touch, or a black base with a clear background for a minimalist and transparent presentation.

A must-have for any Star Wars fan and Lego enthusiast! Showcase your love for the galaxy far, far away with the Bad Batch Mini Figure Display Case.