Acrylic display case for Lego® set 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV™ - Made in the USA

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Introducing the perfect showcase for your prized LEGO set 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV™ and its accompanying 25th-anniversary LEGO® Star Wars mini-figure Arc Trooper Fives – our custom-designed acrylic display case.

Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this acrylic case measures approximately 11x7x4 inches, providing ample space to elegantly exhibit your LEGO® set while safeguarding it from dust and damage. The case features a sturdy construction, combining 3/16 black acrylic for the base, offering stability and durability, and 1/8 clear acrylic surround, allowing for a crystal-clear view of your LEGO® masterpiece from all angles.

Enhancing the visual appeal, the background boasts 1/8 black acrylic, providing a striking backdrop that accentuates the vibrant colors and intricate details of your LEGO® set. The dual dovetail and connector cube design ensures a secure fit, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly whenever desired.

But that's not all – included within this premium display case is a separate 3/16 acrylic case specifically tailored to showcase the exclusive 25th-anniversary LEGO® Star Wars mini-figure Arc Trooper Fives. This dedicated case ensures that your prized collectible receives the attention it deserves, serving as the focal point of your LEGO® display.

Whether you're a dedicated LEGO® enthusiast or a proud collector of Star Wars memorabilia, our acrylic display case is the ultimate choice to elevate your display to new heights of sophistication and admiration. Preserve your LEGO® set 75387 and Arc Trooper Fives mini-figure in style with our meticulously crafted acrylic case – a must-have addition to any collector's showcase.